Teaching Kids With Magnetic Tiles

Teaching kids are definitely one of the hardest tasks. It is not like you tell something and they grasp them immediately. You need to find a way that would keep them engaged throughout the learning process. When it comes to teaching kids, there are a lot of ways that you can do it, but there are only a few that will really work. One of those ways is using toys to teach kids. In this article, we will discuss how magnetic tiles can be used for teaching kids. Click this link https://techychoice.com/best-magnetic-toys/  to know more about magnetic tiles and magnetic toys.

Teaching basic shapes

Teaching basic shapes is one of the easiest things that you can do with magnetic tiles. It is because it does not require much effort. The magnetic tiles already come in different shapes.  Even though the shape is going to be the same when you draw on the board using the tiles will create an interest among the kids. This interest ultimately results in more concentration that would help them understand and remember things easily.


Since these magnetic tiles are toys for kids, they come in some bright and different colors. Making use of these magnetic tiles will make the learning process easy and engaging. So do not follow the conventional method of asking the kids to pick up a particular color tile. Think of something different like asking them to build a structure with particular color tiles. By indulging in these activities, they will remember the colors easily and also have fun while doing it.

Introducing 3D

With just a board and chalk or marker it is difficult to explain to kids about 3 D. No matter how much you try there are good possibilities that the kids will not understand the concept. Even though you have an option to use projectors, it won’t be as realistic as using the magnetic tiles. With magnetic tiles, you can easily build three-dimensional shapes in front of the kids that will help them have a clear idea about 3 D images and shapes.


Counting is also one of the basic things that you can teach with magnetic tiles. The best part about using the tiles in counting is that there are a lot of ways that you can innovate to do this. You can constantly keep changing your strategy every day so that the kids can master the basics of mathematics. You can indulge them in a lot of activities like count the number of red tiles in the pile, separate five squares and two triangles and a lot more.

Simple mathematics – Addition and subtraction

One of the reasons why most of the kids feel that mathematics is very tough is because they would felt hard to understand the basics. If you are able to make things easy and engaging while teaching the basics, then they can easily manage the complicated ones. Simple addition and subtraction are things that you can teach the kids with magnetic tiles. The easiest method that you can follow is placing ten tiles; asking them to remove two and making them count how many are there. The same method can be applied for addition.

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